Running Oni on Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate

So here’s another one of my favourite classics. Getting this to run on Windows 7 takes a little trick, but asside from that works like a charm.

  1. First install the game as normal.
  2. Second replace Oni.exe in the games directory with this patch: Oni Patch for Vista/Windows 7
  3. Right click the exe, edit compatability:
    • run as win2000 compatability
    • with visial themes disabled
    • and as administrator.

Click OK and run the game.

87 thoughts on “Running Oni on Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate”

  1. File is not available to download anymore? I can’t donwload it, maybe there’s a problem with the zip! Please fix it! Thanks!

  2. I don’t know if my last comment was sent correctly, so I’ll give it another try. This time the captcha is much easier to identify πŸ˜‰

    Is there any workaround to fix the problem that the alternative oni.exe faces with german “umlauts” (À, â, ü)? The ingame texts are missing whenever there appears an “umlaut”. It’s hard to guess what exactly the game wants you to do, with all the orders missing…

    Thanks in advance.

  3. vielen dank!!! thank you so much, there are so many years between the last time i Play this game and now the night must be longer :)

  4. I love you Alex Borisov.. πŸ˜€
    Using this patch I can play Oni in Wine1.4 also by changing the wine config to Windows 7.
    My old patch works in Windows only and never works in Wine.
    I’m very so grateful to you..
    Thanks a lot.. πŸ˜€

  5. Sweet, it works. As a child I had the demo of this game on my PC. I played it over and over, this brings back so much memories. I can’t thank you enough for posting this.

    Did you create this yourself? I wonder who and how these patches are made.

  6. Hi there, I tried the steps you provided exactly; but still the sound is not working well :(.
    can any one please help me !!


  7. oh really works.thank you thank u very much.i’m so excited.this was a game i played when i was a kid.all nostalgic.Thanks

  8. Hey i have a problem !

    I downloaded the game Oni and i have installed everything what it needed, but you see the problem is after installing it when i click on the game it says ‘install opengl’ something like that … Now i dont know what to do really ?
    can someone reply to this problem asap please ?

  9. I don’t know how to replace the file with the patch, like do I delete oni.exe ? and I can’t find it unless it is the icon that runs the game. I don’t know :( Please help? I love this game and I really want to play it.

    1. Hello Taylor,

      Windows by default is set to hide the file extensions of files (because the concept seems to be beyond the cognitive abilities of the average computer user). The Oni “icon” you mention should be it. If you paste the patched file into your game directory you should see a “Are you sure you want to replace” dialogue. Alternatively you can toggle file extensions by opening up the directory, pressing the “alt” key to bring up the menu bar, tools>folder options>view and uncheck the box “Hide extensions for known file types“. Hope that helps! :)

  10. I have never played this game, but i have always wanted and now i can.

    BUT there is one problem i did everything you said but there is no sound, can someone please help me PLEASE

  11. I have never played this game, but i have always wanted and now i can.

    BUT there is one problem i did everything you said but there is no sound, can someone please help me

  12. This soundtrack brings back memories. Thanks so much for this patch! The one thing I remembered from this game is that they used actual architect to create the surroundings. The end result is still beautiful today.

      1. Right click the executable file (Oni.exe), choose Properties, click Compatibility tab – you’ll see the compatibility options there.

  13. Thank you very much!
    The game is working great, but not perfectly… The text in the menus is blank for me.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  14. You are the MAN!!!! TY TY TY TY TY TY TY ONI LIVES! You should have a “donation” button. I would sooo donate.

  15. hey frnd its not workin for me i tried it buut no succes i dont know why its running slow i think it may be compatibility problem…..can you help me out.

  16. Go To Heaven Brother!!…. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks… first i thought it was a virus or something.. after i tried and saw.. πŸ˜€ it worked:D it worked on vista looll πŸ˜€ i kiss your hands broooo :D.. have a good day.. !!

  17. hey this game runs fine for me without this, i have windows 7 x86. everyone should switch from x64 to x86 cause i always see forums of people saying “oh it doesn’t work for windows 7” meanwhile i’m playing it on my windows 7 and then i read more and find out they running x64. just saying windows 7 x86 is the best.. lol

  18. sorry…….
    i forgot to write the problem….
    when i launch the game ………screen becomes black and a dialogue box appears saying “damn… blam oni crashed” then clicking ok returns to windows………..HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wanna play this game again………….

  19. no good for me ………….. i patched oni to the patch above linked and above compatibility configs but no success………help me out …..
    i m running windows 7 64 premium , i5 processor , ati mobility raedon 5470 1gb GPU , 4GB DDR3 RAM , 500GB 7200 RPM HDD…. help me out….

    1. You have to remember that Oni was published back in the day when graphics card comparability was essentially a nightmare. ATI cards, as well as some others, experienced hideous issues with a number of popular games. I remember when Oni came out and I bought it off the shelf, the graphics card I was running at the time was so horrendous at rendering the game without tearing and other visual issues, that I went out, spent $200 or so and just upgraded my card to a Creative Labs model.

      Your system in pretty much the same as mine, but the difference that stands out is the graphics card.

  20. Hmm no bingo for me it made no difference applying the exe file its just laggy when it shouldnt beunless its just too modern to run im not sure running quad core processors @ 2.40GHz 4GB ram and gfx card is ATI Radeon 5770 and W7 Ultimate 64 bit

  21. I beat the game without problem but I’m having trouble with one of the cheats. All of the cheats work except for the shapeshifter cheat. When I type it in on the menu, it says that it has been activated, but when I press F8 to actually change my character, it doesn’t work.

    1. No idea mate. I haven’t tried the cheats. Its probably because these things work by playing around with the ram – editing values etc. Could be something to do with either memory protection on 7 or 64bit .

    1. Hmm, try checking if there’s anything using up resources – ctrl-shift-esp will bring up your task manager. At the bottom it will list your CPU and memory stats. If this is above 20% ish you might have a problem. Click ‘processes’ tab and sort the cpu/memory column to see what’s the culprit.
      Next up your disk might be thrashing. The typical problem for this would by searchIndexer. To find that out go to your task manager again (see above), ‘performance’ tab, resource monitor button. Where it says “disk” see if it’s showing an abnormally high ‘highest active time’ Again you can sort this information to see what is killing your disk.
      Next up, your virus scanner might be getting in the way. Close as many apps as you can, and pause your scanner (just DON’T forget to turn in back on or in the year 2010 you will be in a world of hurt before you even realise what happened).
      Finally make sure you’ve patched and updated everything.
      Also – this is a silly little thing that i’ve been bugged with a few times. Check your power settings (even on a desktop) and make sure that your profile is set to “maximum performance”. On laptops (commonly) this is set to like “balanced” or some other crap. This will make games lag (even old ones). Make sure you’re giving it all the juice you’ve got – modern computers manage their own power so you dont need to worry about burning your powerbill with this setting).

      Thats all i can think of dude. Good luck!

  22. I’m having the same problem as Andrea, game installs and runs just fine on vista, but then runs extremely laggy like my computer isn’t powerful enough to handle the game, anyone have a solution for this?

    1. Try turning off aero via the compatibility tab, desktop composition and themes.
      Make sure your power profile is set to max performance or equivalent and not power saver or balanced etc…
      Ensure the game is patched and up to date.
      Regardless if it’s genuine, try installing the no-cd patch from gamecopyworld.
      Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date (yeah it’s an old game, but your problem is the shitty bastard child vista and drivers are always an issue).
      Make sure your cpu and memory are free – ctrl-shift-esc, processes, show for all users (at the bottom), sort the cpu column ascending. Typical culprits are firefox (which is buggy as hell so ends up sometimes using up like 50-60% of your cpu and up to half a gig of memory). Skype can sometimes be a problem if you have the plug-in crap installed.
      Also (on that note), make sure you dont have a virus scanner actively running (something i find annoying with the likes of ms security essentials, kaspersky, nod and avg is that they make your pc sluggish when they decide it’s time to run a quick scan). Also check your HDD light on your computer to make sure it isn’t having an epileptic fit or just on continuously. This means that your hard disk is being actively used which will seriously screw performance for anything like a game. Typical culprits include virus scanners and windows indexing service.
      Finally if you have Norton, reformat your computer (since you cant now get rid of it no matter how hard you try), reinstall windows (preferably NOT vista) and install an actual virus scanner (paid: kaspersky, nod32; free: avira, avg, avast). Norton (apart from being useless as anything other than a resource hog and an illusion of security) kills your computers performance. HARD. In fact i think that it’s probably deliberate to ensure people keep buying new hardware – based on the fact that the only people that use Norton are the ones that get it with their computer and it’s the only thing that seems to be bundled with any computer you buy.

      That’s about all the advice i can think of tbh. I’m not sure which of the virtualisation programs has the best hardware acceleration and are best for games, but that’s always an option. VMWare (free and commercial), Parallels, VirtualBox (opensource and commercial) are virtual computer environments. You install an OS into them like you would on a real computer (WinXP in this case) and you start it like any other application. Your mileage will vary thought since your not actually talking to the hardware directly. Always worth a try though – i have 4/5 virtual computers for various tasks like development and security testing so i can keep my actual computer light and fast. In fact that’s how i run OSX for iPhone development (since I’m not actually shelling out for an overpriced piece of hardware to develop for 1 single crippled platform).

      Let me know if you have success with any of the above. Sorry i cant really think of a way to help you out more.

  23. I was running Oni smoothly on my Windows 7 / 32 machine (after changing the compatibility setting to Xp SP3), but now that I switched to Windows 7 /64 the game launches correctly but the cursor moves painfully slow (I almost can’t get it to the \options\ icon on the main menu). What am I missing???

  24. huhuhu this not work for me pls help im using windows 7 bt y ? isnt work!!!!!

    i followd carefully ur instruction yet did not work!! somebody help me pls!! i love this game!!! i need working patch for this 1! huhuhuhu

  25. Yo! Thanks a lot for this guide πŸ˜€

    Oni is working perfectly fine in my windows 7 ultimate system now πŸ˜‰

  26. Thank you so much for the patch. I tried to use a no-CD patch instead (it keeps on giving on a CD-ROM error), but it didn’t work.

  27. This was the top search result when I googled “Oni windows 7”
    Thanks for the link to the patch! Im gonna fire this best up and play it now! I wish they still made games like this. Yknow, where they focused on getting the gameplay and interaction of game objects perfect, rather than just slapping loads of nice looking props (that you cant touch or stand on) everywhere. Its all about being rewarded for skill..not being unfairly penalised when you make the reasonable assumption that you can walk past a rock without it having its own invisible force field! Excuse the rant..but games these days?! I duno!!!
    Oni forever!!!

  28. omg ty ty ty! 8^D I have windows 7 now and everytime I tried running the game it would crash..i was so disappointed I didnt think I would be able to play oni ever again 8^(

    1. Can someone please give a more detailed explaination of how to do this? I don’t understand where to move the file.. :(

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