Running Oni on Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate

So here’s another one of my favourite classics. Getting this to run on Windows 7 takes a little trick, but asside from that works like a charm.

  1. First install the game as normal.
  2. Second replace Oni.exe in the games directory with this patch: Oni Patch for Vista/Windows 7
  3. Right click the exe, edit compatability:
    • run as win2000 compatability
    • with visial themes disabled
    • and as administrator.

Click OK and run the game.

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78 Responses to Running Oni on Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate

  1. mmm says:

    Thanks.Thanks.Thanks.Thanks. i love you

  2. David says:

    Thanks, for this great help people i really love this game…

  3. Kriss88 says:

    Thanks buddy! You are awesome!

  4. Shreosee Paul says:

    During installation of ONI; the glsetup.exe is not compatible for win 7…how can I fix it???

  5. Jeff Debnath says:

    Hi,Can anyone tell me from where can i download this game?

  6. Teddy says:

    Thank you sooooooo muuuuuchhhhh!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million, dude!!!! :D

  7. Suresh Ethiraj says:

    Thank You So Much , it was a great help !!!!!

  8. sunit says:

    thankss its great…good job ..

  9. Prudence says:


  10. Saurav Kumar says:

    I love you Alex Borisov.. :D
    Using this patch I can play Oni in Wine1.4 also by changing the wine config to Windows 7.
    My old patch works in Windows only and never works in Wine.
    I’m very so grateful to you..
    Thanks a lot.. :D

  11. ebenezer says:

    gr8 work man !……..thanks

  12. MattCD says:

    thank you, I can play with the old file I have now.

  13. Mantas says:

    Hi guys, can someone send me where i can download Oni. Thx alot.

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