How to watch freeview tv on your computer, iPhone/iTouch/Smartphone over wifi or 3g

Ok now normally i dont post the obvious, but i saw some cheeky cunt selling this on ebay and i just cant not do something to stop people being ripped off.

Basically there is a cool site called

The site basically lets you watch uk freeview inc BBC, Sky, ITV etc…. for free. The great thing is that, apart from being able to watch it anywhere, you dont need a TV licence since your neither using any recieving equiptment nor are you watching this 100% live – it’s delayed by a few minutes (since it takes time to transcode this stuff etc….). This basically means that it’s no longer live and, combined with the fact that it’s over the internet, means you never need to pay for a tv licence again (and good cos fuck them – the tv licencing authority are a dodgy bunch of fuckers that bully people out of their money).

Anyway, to use this service you simply go to, register a free account, log in and select the channel you want. It’s free. It’s simple. And it works really well (provided you have a decent internet connection).

What best is that it has a version of the site optimised specifically for mobile devices – the iPhone in particular, but it should work with other handhelds as well.

What i find most annoying (and what prompted me to write this post) is that there are scammers that sell this on ebay for 99p to “tell you how to set it up” for the iPhone – when the site actually is specifically optimised for the iphone – they have instructions on the site and everything. In fact theres this one prick on ebay that didnt even bother to hide the TVCatchUp logo in the screenshot of his so called “product”.

So heres the best way to set it up for your iPhone/iTouch (and any mobile device for that matter – steps 3 onward don’t apply to you in this case). For free.

1) Sign up for an account

2) Goto on your iPhone

3) Press the + button in safari (it’s at the bottom, in the middle).

4) Press “Add to Home Screen”

5) Click “Add”

Thats it. You now have a button on your homescreen like any other application, clicking which will take you to the mobile version of tvcatchup. Press the channel of choice and happy watching.

I hope my post will prevent at least some people from being ripped off.

One thought on “How to watch freeview tv on your computer, iPhone/iTouch/Smartphone over wifi or 3g”

  1. Well said I have reported a few of them to eBay as scammers I dont know if they will do anything about them though.

    I notice that a few overseas customers are not happy as catchup tv doesn’t work abroad and there is no mention of that in the listings.

    It seems like quite a few people are jumping on the same bandwagon now. They will be selling information on how to change your screensaver next.

    People don’t be lazy… do a google search first for how to do something then you wont get ripped off!

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