Hide Featured Torrent bar and other crap in uTorrent 3.2.2+

Over the last year or so uTorrent has gone from being an ultra simple lightweight bittorrent client to a disorganised confused mishmash of random monetisation ideas and dead end features (Apps? Seriously?). Loading it up for the first time the UI is so cluttered it makes Skype look spartan in comparison.

With version 3.2.2 and onwards uTorrent has introduced probably the worst “enhancement” of all – a nice big “Featured Torrent” ad-bar at the top of the torrent window. Now uTorrent does allow you to disable all of their crap via the menu (a smart move to prevent exodus en mass by it’s user base), but this annoying bar is not as obvious to get rid off. Thankfully the option to remove it does exist albeit it’s pretty well buried.

To remove the “Featured Torrent” bar from uTorrent 3.2.2+

  1. Goto Options ->Preferences
  2. Goto Advanced
  3. In the Filter box, type offers
  4. Set offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled to false
  5. While your at it set offers.left_rail_offer_enabled to false as well
  6. Press OK and then restart uTorrent

This will get rid of the annoying bar at the top. To further clean up the interface and reduce your risk of OCD:

  1. Goto Options
  2. Untick Show Featured Content
  3. Untick Show Plus information (removes the add at the bottom of the sidebar)
  4. Untick Show Apps (because really…)

uTorrent should now look like it was originally supposed to. On a side note now might be a good time to consider uTorrent alternatives. Open Source alternatives are the best since your safe from useless features and adverts. Here are two i recommend you check out:

qBittorrent - aims to provide a Free Software alternative to µtorrent. It is written in QT4. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD).This program uses libtorrent-rasterbar as it’s backend.

Deluge - a Free Software cross-platform BitTorrent client written with Python and GTK+. The program uses the libtorrent-rasterbar C++ library as its backend for torrent networking functionality through the project’s own Python bindings. Also comes as a standalone portable application for flash disks etc…

BitLord - a Free Software BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, promoted as “The easiest torrent downloader”. It is written in Python and GTK+. The program uses thelibtorrent-rasterbar C++ library and is based on Deluge.

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22 Responses to Hide Featured Torrent bar and other crap in uTorrent 3.2.2+

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks man, now I have a lot more room and it’s looking like old times again.

  2. Shiva Vamsi says:

    works very well even with 3.4.1

  3. krashnburn says:

    you’re my hero…!!!

  4. WiS3 says:

    Thank you! Finally got rid of those annoying ads…
    Working on v3.3.1 build 29963 [32bit].

  5. Bambro says:

    Спасибо Братка!

  6. Dillon says:

    A million thanks to you, my friend.

    Those who came before said all I had wished to say, so I will simply add:

    Thank you again!


  7. J says:

    I just updated utorrent to 3.3 and didn’t want the “featured torrent bar” there at all.
    I did this and it worked! Thank you! Cheers

    To remove the “Featured Torrent” bar from uTorrent 3.2.2+

    Goto Options ->Preferences
    Goto Advanced
    In the Filter box, type offers
    Set offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled to false
    While your at it set offers.left_rail_offer_enabled to false as well
    Press OK and then restart uTorrent

  8. kalifumestokalifa says:

    Ty, exactly what I was looking for, I was holding out on upgrading for year or two finally did it yesterday and immediately regretted it.

  9. james says:

    exactly what i was looking for

  10. Andrews says:

    This is the best information for the torrent. I think the u torrent have various types of download options. But the ad bar escape the option this is very bed. It is great that torrent give the option for removing them. Thanks for sharing this blog and giving us the nice information.

  11. ISRAEL says:

    Thanks alot ! worked like a charm! you’re the man!!

  12. Anthony says:

    Thanks a bunch Works for me running uTorrent3.3 with win7

  13. visitor says:

    Many thanks but…
    it does not work anymore for Utorrent 3.3.

    So I have uninstalled UTorrent and installed qBitorrent instead.
    Problem solved


  14. Ben says:

    Thank you. As a user of many years, it is sad to see uTorrent going down a path of self destruction.

  15. chris says:

    working, thanks!

  16. falco says:

    Thank you so much for this very useful and very well-written and easy to follow, post. You have restored some calm to my frustration with uTorrent’s increasing descent into marketing proprietary-dom. Damn them! And, again, Thank you!

  17. Sir says:

    Thanks, it works! (uTorrent 3.3 build 29126)

  18. J. Gorman says:

    Thank you very much for the directions to disable the content that I did not wish to see…..Owe you one

  19. Walter White says:

    Works great thanks!!

  20. Mike says:

    Thanks, easy and quick!

  21. Maikeru says:

    Thanks! Really, these Bittorrent assholes destroyed uTorrent since they owned it.

  22. Predator says:

    Thanks a lot!

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